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Through "The Birmingham Big Art Project", we will work to deliver a world-class, brand new public work of art for the City of Birmingham within the next 5 years. Our objective is to create an iconic piece of art which will become an internationally recognised landmark, help attract tourists to Birmingham and become an important heritage for future generations.

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A message from the Chairman of The Birmingham Big Art Project, Glyn Pitchford:

"This 5-year project aspires to deliver a brand new permanent public work of art costing about £2m that we hope will help put Birmingham on the international map and perhaps emerge as a tourist attraction in its own right as well as contributing to the economic benefit of the region.

I acknowledge this is a high-risk strategy but consider this a hugely worthwhile aspiration encouraging citizenship and civic pride amongst the city's diverse communities.

In no way should our project divert funds from worthy humane causes such as Cancer Research, the Heart Foundation or Children in Need. Rather, by also supporting the arts, this adds to our heritage for the enjoyment of current and future generations. Alongside the easing of suffering in our society, shouldn't our cultural well-being also have a place in our perception of quality of life?

We may or may not achieve this ambitious aim. Funding on this scale may be unattainable. But if we truly believe our project, if successful, would add value to Birmingham's cultural offer and enhance the city's reputation in the global marketplace, then isn't it better to try even though we may not succeed, than not to try at all?"

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To contact Jamie Justham, Secretary to the Trustees and to the Steering Group,
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Anita Champaneri of Delicious PR and will be supporting the project by leading the national and regional communications campaign.
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